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All you need to know about Spray Foam

Spray foam is an elastic adhesive sealant made from polyurethane. The product is ready to use in spray format, and when applied, it goes from a liquid to a solid state.
After complete drying, the material transforms into a compact mass that is resistant to impacts, pressure, and weather. Furthermore, after the process, the expanding foam can even be sanded and cut.

What is expanding foam or Spray foam Insulation?

Expansive polyurethane foam is perfect for sealing gaps, holes, gaps and cracks. Therefore, it is recommended for sealing and insulation services in Australia. In other words, it is a material intended for filling and sealing surfaces. Furthermore, it is also highly efficient in fixing doors and windows. As its main advantage, it is compatible with most materials used in works, such as masonry, wood, metal, PVC, concrete, iron, ceramics, marble, and granite.

What are the benefits of spray foam?

Very effective against wind, rain, dust and drafts, the sealing foam is highly resistant to external actions. Furthermore, it can be applied to different types of materials and varied environments.To top it off, it is also quick to apply and dry, is non-toxic and reduces dirt when carrying out manual work. Furthermore, it guarantees savings on materials when placing or fixing objects. This is because it eliminates the use of nails, glue, sand or cement, for example.Finally, expanded foam is a cheap product that yields a lot — up to three times its initial volume. With controlled application and no waste, it comes ready-made, in spray format , ensuring more precision and control.

  • Sprayable insulation for hard-to-reach areas
  • Troubleshooter for multiple applications
  • Provides maximum flexibility

How to use expanding foam for Insulation?

The great difference of the sealant is its ability to expand. Therefore, when using it, the ideal is to apply a small amount to the desired surface, leaving a good space unfilled. This is because, in a few moments, it will expand on its own, filling and sealing the area. However, before this process, some important precautions must be taken.

Check it out:

  • clean the surface well and remove particles and contaminants;
  • moisten the material to make the foam ready for use;
  • shake the packaging well before starting to use it;
  • cut the beak to make it the size you want;
  • wait for about two hours and remove the excess;
  • Apply the product and wait for approximately 24 hours.

Furthermore, to know how to use expansion foam properly, remember to use PPE, such as gloves and protective glasses. Not to mention the appropriate clothes.Care when using expanding foamAlthough expanding foam is non-toxic, it is important to pay attention to some essential precautions when handling it. This is because the product is inflatable; therefore, during use, it is recommended to stay away from fire or materials that emit sparks, such as welding machines.

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Spray foam cost in Sydney

As far as the cost of home insulation is concern, it depends on the size of your home. The final price is calculated as the cost of spray foam(open cell or closed cell) and the labour cost. The price of spray foam depends on its size—the small-size spray foam price range from 100AUD-120AUD. The overall cost for spray home insulation including cost of spray foam and labor costs for small size, is 3000 AUD to 4000 AUD.


It is also recommended to avoid direct contact with the foam with the skin, eyes, and mouth. So, how do you get expanding foam out of your hand? In this case, use acetone to clean and then wash the area well with soap and water. Finally, keep the packaging in a place protected from the sun and away from hot environments. Furthermore, during application, carry out the work in well-ventilated spaces. Can the expanding foam get wet? As I highlighted above, this is a very resistant and effective material against adverse conditions, such as wind and rain. So don’t worry! After waiting for the expansive foam to dry, it is permitted to wet the product without causing damage. Find the best products at Copafer! Now that you know what expanding foam is, you can count on the products available in the Copafer online store. After all, there are several items with excellent payment conditions* and easy delivery throughout Brazil. Enjoy and happy shopping!

Application areas:

  • Specially designed for insulation of- Hard to reach areas- Irregular surfaces- Curved surfaces
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of – Exterior and interior walls – floors and ceilings – building roofs – pipes and containers – window slopes – bedrooms and attics – etc.
  • Prevents condensation on cold surfaces such as pipes- metal roofs and walls- ventilation ducts

Instructions for use

  • Attach the application nozzle to the tip of the gun.
  • Remove dust, loose parts and grease from the substrate.
  • Moistening the dry substrate ensures better results.
  • Protect the surrounding surfaces with sheets of paper or plastic.
  • Shake the can for 20 sec.
  • Screw the gun onto the vertically positioned foam.
  • Rotate the nozzle as necessary (horizontal/vertical application)
  • Adjust the gun trigger due to the foam output.
  • Apply the foam at a distance of approximately 40 cm from the surface (the shorter the distance to the substrate, the narrower the application area).
  • The recommended thickness of one layer is ~ 2 cm.
  • A second layer can be applied after 60 minutes / The number of layers is unlimited.
  • Nozzle and foam gun must be cleaned immediately after completion of work with BERNER PU gun cleaner.

Spray foam is a product that is becoming increasingly popular in Australia for home insulation. Many new construction projects use this product because it offers comfort and energy efficiency benefits. Foam can help solve problems with inadequate insulation, reduce utility bills, and renovate small spaces. A useful product that helps make your home more pleasant.


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